Local or Regional Catastrophes May Slow Down Response Time …

When an emergency occurs that affects many homes or businesses at once such as heavy rain, windstorms, snow or ice, the resources of restoration companies and related services may be thinly spread. Should this occur, we will put forth every effort to stabilize crisis situations first, starting with extraction of water and drying. Priorities will continue to be set as resources become available. Often work is staged as follows:

  1. Extraction to remove standing water and stabilize environment.
  2. Return to remove damaged materials. Determine needed repairs.
  3. Repairs begin, usually in co-ordination with several other jobs.

When confronted with emergencies on this scale, restoration companies are extremely challenged to accommodate all clients in their normal timely fashion. In these situations Superior Disaster Services Ltd. responds with:

  • Regular, timely communication.
  • Adherence to a Regional Disaster Plan.
  • Co-ordination of nationally available resources through Disaster Kleenup Canada (DKC)

As a member of Disaster Kleenup Canada, not only can we call on other member restoration companies during a catastrophe, but we also lend our support when needed.