At Superior, we can usually establish a time frame in the first 24 hours, considering:

  • the need for structural repairs
  • type and degree of loss
  • emergency situation

An initial survey and testing procedure will help us make decisions as to whether cleaning and/or restoration efforts will yield the best value. We take into consideration the sentimental value of an item as well as its replacement cost when making decisions.

At Superior, our job is to accurately identify and restore items to their pre-loss condition or recommend replacement. Advanced technology enables us to safely restore a wide variety of different types of contents – from upholstered furniture to electronics. We use a deodorization process that removes the source of the odour as opposed to just masking it. In some cases restorative cleaning techniques are followed by refinishing or repairs.

Returning your home or business to a safe environment is our main objective. Organizations like the IICRC* have published standards for cleaning and restoration. One of these criteria requires that we provide testing and documentation throughout the restoration process. For example, when we remediate mould conditions, our post-remediation clearing testing is carried out by an indoor environmental professional. Your Superior representative will be happy to explain our methods to you at any time.

Superior Disaster Services Ltd. has established time and materials rates for carrying out emergency services. As emergencies can involve many hidden factors, costs may vary according to the severity of the loss. Before any structural repairs begin however, a detailed estimate is provided.

Yes! With prompt decisive actions your electronics can be restored to their pre-fire or pre-flood state. We guarantee it. If your business depends on it, we can complete data recovery and fast track restoration of your computers to have you up and running within a very short time.

There are however, two exceptions that can cause fatal damage to equipment: exposure to high levels of moisture when powered up and excessive heat as evidenced by a deforming of the plastic cases and internal components. Superior will provide you with a risk free analysis.

All contents are safely packaged and stored in Superior’s secure plant facility. After cleaning, they are re-packed in clean boxes and stored in one of our ozone chambers or held in clean moving containers awaiting their return. During the initial restoration survey, items are prioritized and certain items are identified for immediate service and return.

Air movers and dehumidifiers are not heaters and have been designed and maintained to run 24 hours a day while they are in use. The amount of dehumidification equipment and its placement is determined by testing the humidity levels at various points within the building. We highly recommend that you do not attempt to turn off or move equipment unless pre-arranged with one of our technicians. We conduct frequent inspections of the drying process and relocate equipment as necessary to dry your home and business safely. An interruption in the drying process due to shutting off equipment results in increased costs and delays. If there is a power problem please contact a Superior Disaster Services Ltd. representative immediately.

Our Superior technicians are professionals who have been carefully screened in the hiring process to ensure that our team is comprised of intelligent and caring individuals. We take pride in the fact that our team members are multi-certified and are highly trained in all areas of their work.